retired weizenfelder border collies


Tysons Little Miss Attitude

We call her "Atty", short for Attitude!

OFA Hips Good / Normal Elbows

Retired from our Kennel on 02/01/2019

Atty had one beautiful Litter with us (11 Puppies)
Our Daniel was the Sire!

Having Large Litters is very hard on a dog.  She was 5 years old and we didn't want to put her through that large of a litter again.  She was spayed and went into Adoption Program.

We will follow her puppies through their life!

Sage von der Weizenfelder

Dob: 11-17-13 (OFA Hip: Excellent) (OFA Elbow: Normal)

Sage was bred only once with our Kennel.
This outgoing, extremely athletic Girl produced a puppy with disease in the brain. 

Not anything we could have tested for. 
Not anything we could have ever prevented.
Not even common in this breed!

We did decide.  No matter how healthy this girl was, even after passing all the genetic testing we put her through...

We will not be breeding her again.

We don't know why these things happen.  It may have been a total fluke but we wont risk it again!

We can only do our best as Breeder to learn from it and move past.

Sage has been Retired from our program on 10/29/2018