About The

Growing up in McPherson County Kansas, I was a little girl that loved animals. 

Below is a picture of my mom and I.

The very 1st dog of my own was "Pepsi".  He was a Shepherd Mix.  

We didn't have a lot of money to spend on a top quality, top pedigree dog.

Dad took me to our local Animal Shelter where a small area had some cute very dark chubby puppies in it.  I saw the tag read "Shepherd Mix".

So, a mutt will do.  We left with him and my adventures soon began.

I had the best times with this dog and he was a RESCUE!  I am a massive advocate for rescue but I am also a Breeder.  They normally don't go hand in hand but I do my best to make it work.

When I was little, I would bring home every injured bird, rabbit, kitty and even snakes!

My Parents were so accepting of my passion for all critters they allowed it.

We had many dogs and cats as a child.  It became very apparent to my parents we would need to move to the country to keep up with all my new animal additions and rescues.  They soon bought country property and we built a house.  I was 14 years old.

When I was 15 I brought home a Wolf Hybrid PUP!  Yes, that is correct.  We named him Chief and boy that guy could HOWL!
Mom and Dad were not happy with this but knowing my love for all animals they said OK.  The adventure never ended with Chief around.  I sure miss this guy.  He taught me so many things!

I would save my money just to rescue dogs and find them homes.  Everything was done out of my pocket.  I would do odd jobs on my dads construction sites to save back a little money here and there.  

My mother showed and raised Saint Bernard's when I was younger. 
I was her "Handler" in the show-ring!
As much as I loved these dogs, they were just not the breed for me and carrying around a "Drool Rag" in the show ring made me want to puke!
I will say however, they are very lovable giants.

Below is a picture of My brother and I with "Koki" one of my moms Show Dogs!

My dream was to one day Breed and Raise German Shepherds.  They were the most amazing breed to me.  So I began working towards that goal as well.

In 2002 I bought my 1st German Shepherd and the adventures began.
"Thaddeus" was his name.

I began to show with the AKC and didn't get very far as he was only partially show-line.  We had a lot of fun none the less!

Below: I am on the Right with "Thaddeus"

I began to focus on obedience training.

My friends and I had so much fun.  Thaddeus was so darn smart and I swear could read my mind!

I moved out shortly after I turned 18 and began working full time.  My dream of Breeding German Shepherds needed much funding which I did not yet have.  I added an amazing female "Roxi vom Mystical Haus", a beautiful Sable German Shepherd.  My best friend and my cousin traveled with me in a 2 door Chevy Cavalier to NC to get Roxi.  All of us slept in the back of the car at rest areas there and back on our trip to get Roxi.  Funds were tight and we had to save money so this was the way we cut hotel expenses.  Roxi was also not a cheap girl.  It took all of my saving to buy her.

This is when I learned what the difference between a "Working Line Dog" and a "Show-Line Dog" was.  Roxi was a Working Line Dog.  She was powerful and strong.  Always on the go.

My Breeding program then began.  

I soon began building a reputation as a German Shepherd Breeder.  We all have to start small, but I wanted to grow.  I loved the breed and enjoyed breeding.  

I was introduced to GENETICS!

A crazy world about DNA testing and breeding only the most healthy dogs.

Wow, this was a heartache for me at times.  I would buy amazing dogs with amazing Pedigrees and they would not pass testing.  Dogs would be spayed or neutered and given to good pet homes.  I was determined to be a Reputable Breeder, so I needed the healthiest dogs possible.  My outlook is if you could prevent a terrible disease in a litter of puppies, why wouldn't every BREEDER do this!

Dogs are family to us all and great care needs to be taken in everyone's breeding program!  So it began "Quality and Genetic Tested Dogs".

Still with German Shepherds as my only breed in site, I continued breeding, training and most of all meeting amazing people and having fun.  I continued to take in my rescue animals too.

Below: a baby dove brought me me.
I raised this beautiful bird until the day he was released.
That was a Beautiful Day!

I will go ahead and post some more pictures and the description for each one!

Below: Me giving Roxi a good Bath.  You can tell she is NOT enjoying it!

Yes, I love all animals.  My best friend Aimee took this of me outside the house after a swim in our little pool.  I fell asleep next to my little duckling.  This was a Muscovy Duckling I hatched in an incubator.

Here is a fun picture of me with some of Roxi's puppies.  There is nothing more amazing than puppy kisses!

Roxi and I went everywhere together.  I had the most fun picking her up to cradle her like a baby.  She never really liked it but would allow it.  Aimee, my best friend snapped this picture in mid pick-up!  I always called her my "baby".

Every dog I ran across on trips or at family functions I had to hug and get pictures with!
I was that girl that left the party to go hang out with the dogs!  Literally!

This is one of my Aunt's dogs when I visited in Texas.

Below: Another one of my Aunts dogs.  Aimee, my best friend always had to take pictures of me with dogs.  She said it was the only time I acted "Normal".  Ha, maybe she is right!

Below: Deegan was rescued from a shelter as he was going to be euthanized that same day.  He was very sick and close to death.  I nursed him back to heath and once healthy and strong he found a new home.  We had so much fun together!

Soon I acquired "Geschenk".  A German Shepherd I had sent here from Germany!

He has become my the foundation in my GSD Breeding.

Tug-of-war was and still is our favorite game.  He is 7 months old in this picture!

Below: Abby was a dog that was due to be euthanized in Abilene Kansas.  No way, not on my watch.  I paid her BAIL and had her spayed, then placed her in the most amazing home a dog could ever have!

Placing Abby was hard for me.  She was one I became very attached too.  VERY!

Below: Yes, I have a Harley and love to ride motorcycles.  When I was 18 I ran out and purchased a sport bike.  Soon I had one of the fastest motorcycles.  2006 GSXR 1000 was my dream bike and was indeed in my garage.  Dogs and Bikes!  What more could a girl ask for!  When I was in my 20's I had a motorcycle accident and injured my back.  The Doctors told me no more motorcycles, HA!

I still have one!

I took Geschenk on the toy run when he was just a pup.  We had so much fun!  

Not only dogs.  Once I moved to the country I began rescuing horses from Kill Lots.  Where horses are sent to slaughter for their meat.  We now have 4 Kill Lot Rescue horses and one horse that was actually seized from a man in our own County!  A bad horse neglect case!

Below: Some of our Rescue Horses and Goats!

Below: My 1st Kill Lot horse. "Sweetie"

She came to us skin and bones.  Today she is healthy and enjoys life!

Update 6/2019: Sweetie was diagnosed with a disease called "Cushings".

She will be on medication the rest of her life and is well loved at Weizenfelder Farm.

Below: Dancer is our most recent Kill Lot horse.  She came to us with a Yearling on her side and a bun in the oven!

After saving her we placed her with some good friends that own RC Arena in Kansas.

So, you can see, I am a huge Animal Lover!

I started with and still breed German Shepherd dogs.

When I bought my house in the country I then had room to expand.  

What started with only German Shepherds has turned into Goats that I can milk.  We feed fresh milk during kidding season to the puppies.  Excess is frozen for future use.

I always loved Border Collies.  They were my 2nd favorite breed and I always wanted one.  

I added one, then two, then three, then four... Gosh, like Potato Chips they started showing up!  Wow, they are so smart and keep my work-load much less when moving goats into the barn to be milked!

Much like our German Shepherds, which I am very well known for:


"Weizenfelder Kennel"

We follow the same standard.  Quality and Genetics!

We conduct OFA testing on all of our breeding dogs.

We utilize www.pawprintgenetics.com for DNA Disease testing and even color coat testing!

We try and produce only the most healthy dogs.

I have been breeding and training dogs for over 17 years.

I enjoy what I do and take great pride in my breeding program. 

Below: Adia helping me move some dirt for new dog areas!

Below: One of Daniel and Everest's Black and White pups.

His name is now "Orvis" and went to the most amazing home!

One of our Rescue dogs is a Pit Bull mix!
His name is Oakley!  This year we had a Birthday Party to attend.  My brother let me haul Mr. Oakley along for the adventure in his little 2 seat BMW.  Oakley rode on my lap!  Ha!  What a site, I had to take a picture!

If you come to Weizenfelder Kennel to pickup your new family companion don't judge this old farm.  The house was built in 1861.  It was in bad shape when I bought it years ago and is a work in progress.  Growing up in a construction family I do a lot of the work myself.  I enjoy building and working on things.

The Below picture was taken Fall of 2017.
This old house is a real project, but we love it!

 If you come visit Weizenfelder Kennel you will meet our FARM DOG "Copper"

He loves everyone and simply adores PUPPIES!

He is our babysitter to every litter we have.

Copper has a bad spine, bad hips and bad knees.  He was just born put together all wrong.  We love him so very much!

He is just 2 years old now and is slow to get around.

He makes up for his struggle in life with Dog Like Smiles and Hugs.

Just sit down, put your arms out and he will climb into your lap!

He has really become our Mascot!

 To end this short story about "Me" the Breeder, I will tell you about the greatest man in my life.  My FATHER!

He made everything in life possible for me.  He worked hard so I could have the animals and things I loved in life.  He woke up every day just to make me smile.  

Now I am a strong woman who can work on houses, build fences, ride motorcycles and so much more.  He shares the same compassion towards animals that I do.

When I was a little girl, I had a cat named "Clyde".  She was my best friend.  For the longest time Dad had be believing she would actually leave gifts for me under my pillow.  When I came home from school dad would often say, "Clyde left a gift under your pillow again."  I would run upstairs and find candy, my favorite Peanut M&M's every time.  

Later I learned that it was not my cat leaving these gifts under my pillow.

It was my father!

But the greatest gift in life he gave me was his "His Love".

I hope you enjoyed the story and pictures!

This is me, the Breeder!


Have a Blessed Day!